Olive oil cans

Nice collection of olive oil can


The green fairy

I was not a drink person. Actually, I am now still not but one thing that has been changed is now am very into the liquor bottles (really). This start since i got the first illustration job for Hyde & Seek gastro bar.

This job required me to draw many liquor bottles and cocktail utensils. Since then I found liquor bottles are so charming and truly beautiful.

This is one gorgeous example I saw from http://liqurious.notcot.org . Looking at it and I know, I definitely can’t resist tasting it if i happened to find one.

Fresh clean scent sachets

I am personally obsessed  with nice smell. Together with this clean line screened on the organic cotton bags, it just so easy to put me in love at first glace.

These pretty sachets are produced  by http://www.juniperridge.com/ and you know what?!, I actually found much more pretty products there!!!