Library pocket

nice library pocket I found at



Tea towels

It quite hard for me to find pretty tea towels in Thailand. It might be because we, Thai people, quite not familiar with it which I really don’t know why. It is like the magic small thing that can bright up the kitchen. It ‘s also a good souvenir that I love to buy and sometimes it’s just too pretty to use so we frame it to decorate our home instead.

This Neatokeen is one new nice source that I found from the etsy shop. And actually there are not only tea towels you can find there, they  have many other real vintage stuff too!


That’s how the globes made!

I accidentally found this and definitely must share. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

This is sexy!

Have I told you, I am in love with letterpress. I think it is the sexiest way of print making. I love the texture of paper,  the way that ink is pressed down and create the embossed-debossed texture. Or maybe I actually LOVE everything about it.

Below is the example to show you how sexy it is. This piece is done by Jacqueline Bos collaborated with Pistachio Press. And you know what I think the black outline with pastel filled color make this art piece even more sexier. : )

If you like it  too and want to see more of her work, check it out at There are some more of her pretty hand-made products there. Enjoy!