City of cell (work on progress)

Hi! Hope you are having a nice weekend.

Here is the update of one of the project I am working right now. It is an educational cartoon poster about cell!

I am super excited about this project as I normally do not have a chance to do this kind of thing. I probably say this is the first cartoon job for me! It is not easy at all in the beginning but it kind of cool to push myself beyond what I normally do. And now I start to enjoy doing it : )

Well, please keep in touch. Can’t wait to show you the complete one soon.


Graphic design for rainy days

A very lovely book on history of graphic design. See more pages on

Vintage Matchbook

These are so cute matchbook labels from the Prague Zoo in 1963. This collection is found in Oliver Tomas collection in Flickr. See the rest of his collection here

Don’t let them down please

Eliminating funding for public  broadcasting ? Are you kidding? My niece and other millions would be super sad.

Well, I don’t know much about it, I only know my niece love it so much and  from this pretty easy to understand info graphic, I think it just definitely worth it to save.

If you want to find out more on saving PBS ,check this