Blossom Type

I always think one day I” ll do lettering that composed from various kinds of flowers. But, well, guess it’s a little too late now as Alice Mourou just did the amazingly flower typeface with real natural flowers! Very beautiful, very crafty, very tiny and time consuming task. Adorable!

all-alphabet-2 alphabet closeup
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Beauty from the inside out of Marou Chocolate

Marou Chocolate has been a talk of the town for quite a while for its rare organic artisan chocolate from Vietnam.
For me, personally, I am more digging to its beautiful packaging. Well, chocolate tastes good but the wrapper are beyond beautiful. And for that, I quite always excited to see  new launches of limited series from time to time, treasure island to limited version for wallpaper and latest one now for Air France — Salut!

Vietnam-chocolate-marouHere is a VDO of how Marou specially made for Wallpaper…

Cr : images from
Product : Marou Faiseurs De Chocolat
Design Firm : Rice Creative, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


I don’t know much about Penhaligon’s and firstly know it from the post in on its Christmas gift collection. Well, I ‘d say I was sudden in love with this brand. The boxes are so beautiful and have a good combination of traditional and modern look.

This intrigue design done by which I think they did a wonderful job blended the old vintage style element with the very bright color and created the result that is so charming; fresh, festive and yet very elegant.


Here are some of the design for its bottles and packaging. They all are so pretty and surely a person who crazy for the pretty packaging like me can’t miss to put them in my wish list :)


Graphic design for rainy days

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