Art class at Do Re Me

One thing I always want to do is teaching art for kids. It such a refreshing spending time with them. I also love their unlimited creativity which sometimes I hardly have especially when working in the real world.

Anyway, still, I not yet have enough gut to do so. Seeing this art class at kind of encourage me to do something with my teaching dream.

Well, gotta start with my niece first and hopefully in a few years later I could really be able to have the art class of my own :)


That’s how the globes made!

I accidentally found this and definitely must share. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The Non-Planner Datebook

I am obsessed with notebooks. I love to buy and always too scared to use them. I have a lot and they are like a collectable item for myself! And this is a latest one on my list. “The non-planner datebook by Keri Smith”

I like her work very much. Her lines look fun, friendly and so easy to understand. Visited her shop at and of course I have more items to add in my wish list :  )


Starbucks Starbucks Starbucks

Okay, this ad is cute but I still kind of not familiar with its new logo. People hate change and I maybe one of them.

One thing sudden came up to my mind, I need to hurry to go to Starbucks shop hoping there still has a to-go cup with the old siren logo left. I need one for my collection!

Ps. To see full version, follow this link
Oh! and happy 40th anniversary to you. Cheers!