Blossom Type

I always think one day I” ll do lettering that composed from various kinds of flowers. But, well, guess it’s a little too late now as Alice Mourou just did the amazingly flower typeface with real natural flowers! Very beautiful, very crafty, very tiny and time consuming task. Adorable!

all-alphabet-2 alphabet closeup
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Seed packages

Niceeeeeee : )

Western wild flowers by Margaret Armstrong

Browsed the and found some pages from Western Wild Flowers by Margaret Armstrong. Can’t find the word to say how much I like this. It’s soooo beautiful!


Seed catalogue to perfect your Sunday

I found this seed catalogue from R.H. Shumwa while browsing through It is just so beautiful and it grab my attention more with the look of old catalogue layout. Now I only wish am in the state so I will be able to request more and more catalogue from!